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Business Funding Shreveport LA

Local resource for business funding in Shreveport. Includes detailed information on local business that provide access to angel investors, business loans, bank funding, and asset financing, as well as advice and content on entity leasing, trade financing, and invoice discounting.

A-1 Quick Cash Advance
(318) 635-5232
5412 Hearne Ave
Shreveport, LA
Ace Cash Express
(318) 635-0606
3802 Jewella Ave
Shreveport, LA
Louisiana Catholic Federal Credit Union
(318) 219-8450
648 East Kings Hwy
Shreveport, LA
Cash Tree
(318) 869-1975
6114 Line Avenue
Shreveport, LA
Advantage Finance Corp
(318) 688-8481
2533 Bert Kouns Industrial Loop
Shreveport, LA
Atlas Employees Federal Credit Union
(318) 631-4492
3141 Midway St
Shreveport, LA
Moore Finance Company
(318) 631-3400
6363 Hearne Ave, Ste 208
Shreveport, LA
Hadley Jeremy
(318) 798-1880
900 Pierremont Rd
Shreveport, LA
American General Financial Services
(318) 687-1411
2530 Bert Kouns Industrial Loop
Shreveport, LA
Advance America Cash Advance
(318) 683-0172
2530 Bert Kouns Industrial Loop
Shreveport, LA

Alternative Funding Options to the Rescue

January 1, 2011

Looking for money to start up or expand your business? Due to a variety of reasons, many traditional funding sources may not be available to you at this time. Consider some new ways to raise the capital you need.

Small business owners may be at a loss to find capital at this time. Their personal resources, such as home equity, have been drained. Perhaps their FICO scores have been injured during the recession, making it difficult to obtain SBA loans or other traditional financing. There are a couple of new options to consider.

Try social media sites to raise small amounts from a large number of people. Crowdfunding, which has been called the democratic process of fundraising, is a growing financing option. It started a few years ago as a way to fund certain artistic projects; it has expanded to the small business community in general. Funding through these sites typically is small, under $10,000, but there is no fixed limit and some sites are now facilitating funding of $50,000 or more.

Businesses interested in obtaining funding through crowdfunding post their needs. Then, individuals make contributions. Sites set funding goals for posted projects and, on some sites if the goals are not met, the pledges or contributions are returned.

Contributors may receive nothing other than the satisfaction of helping a worthy project get off the ground. Or they may receive a cut of revenues for a fixed period of time.


  • IndieGoGo.com
  • Kickstarter.com
  • Peerbackers.com
  • ProFounder.com

Royalty funding
This is debt financing where the borrower pays back the loan using a percentage of the business' revenue. Royalty funding has been used in certain industries, such as film production and mining, as well as technology, but could be used for a business in any industry.

You can arrange your own royalty funding by setting up a repayment agreement structured with revenue payments. Usually, the repayment is 2% to 6%...

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